pen 96Because you've worked so hard to hone your message and perfect its delivery, you need to make sure that message has the same impact across the world, in any language, within any culture. You can rely on Language Flow to make sure it does just that.

We know translation quality is of paramount importance. It keeps a brand true to its values and ensures that your message is understood by the recipient, wherever they are, in the way you intended. We also know how important speed and budget are to you. We help you achieve this in lots of ways – it’s so much more than just translating words.

Firstly, we use translators we know we can trust, who conform to ISO standards. They're all degree standard professionals and wherever possible live in the heart of the culture they're translating for.  We choose our translators for their specific business sector knowledge. This means they understand your industry terminology.

Localisation is at the heart of the process.

Localisation is incorporated at the heart of the Language Flow translation process. Our translation experts have a clear understanding of the way a reader in their language zone will perceive any given message. They'll know precisely how it needs to be delivered.

Translators may also have sight of the designed material and use their knowledge and feel for the local culture and society to advise on factors such as colour choices and suitability of imagery. It has to be right: the success of your campaign depends on it.

We make sure you get a competitive price for a high quality translation by using specialised computer aided translation tools – these include a dedicated translation memory and terminology databases which can be tailored for each client to reduce the amount of copy which needs to be translated and ensure the highest level of consistency and accuracy across all languages.  We can also arrange for your translations to be reviewed by a second, independent reviewer to ensure the copy reads fluently and appropriately in the target languages.

We recognise that the success of your multilingual campaign rests on our speed, our accuracy and our ability to work to budget in all translation work.

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