Reducing Project Lead Times By 70%

As one of the world's largest health and nutrition companies, it is vital to Herbalife that their extensive distribution network is kept right up to date with all the latest product launches and developments. The brand's global success depends on it.

One of their initiatives was the launch of Today Magazine, a publication aimed at keeping members right on the button. Herbalife has been our client for more than 10 years and they asked for our help in getting the new 28-page magazine designed and translated into 24 languages. Each would need accurately localised content. It was to be an ongoing project and would carry a critical demand for tight lead times. We embraced the challenge.

Freeing up valuable resources

Having worked with us continuously for a decade, Herbalife knew they could look to us to project manage the translations, which were to be carried out by their own in-house translators. Using internal resources saved them money and we're always more than happy to work that way.

In handing project management responsibility over to us, Herbalife were able to free up valuable marketing, production and graphic design resources from the daily toil of running the project, whilst being completely assured that the project was in safe hands. Thanks to our secure access WorkFlow system, at any given moment, 24/7, the local market editors were able to see at-a-glance the stage of the project.

It was also important for our language designers to recreate the magazine around the translations, keeping a skilful and knowledgeable eye on cultural nuances, so that the magazine was favourably received by all who read it, regardless of their culture or mother tongue.

Projects like this call for a high level of flexibility and commitment – and we offer both. We prioritised all our studio projects, working late nights and weekends, so that the tight deadlines could be achieved. We made absolutely sure that we had all the content, feedback and instructions needed to hit the critical project milestones on time. Communication was key – we were constantly in touch with Herbalife's central marketing team keeping them up to date on all developments.

All this enabled us to reduce lead times by 70% for this client, managing what would normally take 10 weeks in just three.

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