Whatever your area of business and whatever difficulties you face in producing your multilingual publications, we have the solution for you. We have specialised in the design, publication and layout of multilingual publications for over 20 years and know that each client is different – so we tailor our approach to suit you. Whether this involves creating or adapting systems and processes, choosing specialists with industry sector knowledge, or even developing a piece of technology specifically to address a client need, we have done this in the past and will happily do it again. We combine our expertise in typesetting multilingual publications with processes which have been honed over years of experience to ensure we always go that extra mile to meet our clients' specific needs – to enable them to 'let the world know' what they have to say in any language.

Here are eight reasons for choosing Language Flow:

1. Customer satisfaction

Many of our clients have come from referrals from our existing clients, and once a client has worked with LanguageFlow they come back to us – again and again. To see some of the things we have done for our clients, look at our case studies.

2. Reputation for excellence

We build our client relationships based on trust and expertise. We always provide services of the highest standard and reinforce this through our commitment to ongoing process development. This is so important to us that maintaining strong relationships with our clients underlies our philosophy.

3. Our experienced team

We have a highly skilled team who have been working in this field and, just as importantly, working together for a long time – so we bring together a wealth of talent and experience. We are experienced professionals – and also approachable and friendly. Find out more about the key members of our team.

4. We understand multilingual communications

We specialise in the design, translation and layout of all multilingual publications – whatever these may be. Multilingual communications range from brochures and promotional items to technical and legal documents, whether these be printed or web-based, and we tailor our approach to ensure that the message is the one intended at source, whilst never compromising on the original design or branding – find out more about Language Design.

5. We understand localisation

Translating communications is not just about substituting the words with the same words in another language. Localisation means understanding the impact publications have in different cultures. We have been doing this for more than 20 years and our 'mother-tongue' translators work locally where possible. Find out more about Translation & Localisation.

6. Value for money

Feedback from our clients is that our services provide excellent value for money. We aim to ensure transparent pricing and always have an agreed quote in place prior to the start of any project.

7. Help with making the process flow

We know that you often need to provide publications very quickly in multiple languages. Our tried and tested processes have been developed through experience and run alongside our specialist LanguageFlow software to make the whole process quicker and more efficient. Our process.

8. Accurate and qualm-free service

It is important that you choose a partner who understands you are looking for accurate, precise and professional service. Many of our clients come back to us time and time again because we did just that. This customer loyalty has been built over more than 20 years of experience.

We've listed just the top 8 here, but there are many more reasons why we are well placed to support you and your multilingual projects. We will be only too pleased to meet with you to discuss your exact needs and how we can help.

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