globe 96We recognise that the production of multilingual publications is complex and that the task grows exponentially as multi-language versions are created.  We also appreciate that your projects are time critical, and that quality control and brand consistency are crucial.

One of the services our clients particularly value is Central Language Management.  Our experienced project managers have specific expertise in managing multilingual projects and will keep track of the whole process, drastically reducing lead times – often by as much as 70% – giving you a competitive advantage.  We will coordinate everything for you, liberating your in-house resources from the daily toil of handling global distribution projects.

With Central Language Management, LanguageFlow becomes the central hub and everything flows through us.  We handle all communications with the country managers as well as with printers, designers, translators and other agencies.  We coordinate all the files for language design, translation and proof-reading as well as keeping an eye on deadlines, notifying the relevant people when these are due – and doing all the chasing too!  We deal with issues raised by the country managers and recognise that these may not relate just to that country alone but might necessitate global changes across the whole project.

Our 24/7 secure online monitoring and project management systems allow the country managers to access all the most recent files instantly and you, the client, to see the current project status at any time.  We will ensure your project remains on track – working out of hours if necessary to ensure that deadlines are met.

We believe that this service ensures our clients receive a top quality finished product which is consistent across all languages and delivered to tight deadlines.

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