Keeping a Watchful Eye on the Budget

For more than three years we've been helping the European Parkinson's Disease Association raise awareness of Parkinson's disease across Europe.

We relish this job, which calls for very specialist expertise as it involves medical translations in 5-14 European languages.
The EPDA's magazines and books focus on sharing best practice, case studies, drug treatments and information that people with the disease, their families and supporters, as well as medical practitioners, would find useful and beneficial in living with and managing the disease.

Choosing the translation team for EPDA projects required great care – they needed to be fully conversant with medical terminology and be able to handle anything from technical details aimed at practitioners to editorial content written for lay persons. Only professional translators, translating into their mother tongue, living in the target country and with the balance of right business sector experience were selected.

Consistency of translation across all materials was vital so we created glossaries specifically for this client and always used the same translation team. For this client, a three-stage translation process was provided – original translator, second editorial check and quality control.

As well as being of high quality, translation standards also needed to be competitively priced to meet the tight budgets of the charity. Sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies helps to fund the translations. We were able to use computer aided translation tools to ensure repeated text did not incur additional charges and, of course, use of our unique LanguageFlow software helps us keep costs to a minimum.

LanguageFlow's Central Language Management service enables us to complete EPDA projects with maximum efficiency and cost savings. We manage the translations, complete the language designs and revisions, implement the approval and quality control process for text content, imagery and brand consistency in liaison with the client and local market editors. Finally, we liaise with the printer producing print and web ready PDFs.

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