Image is everything - or is it?

André Agassi once coined the phrase “image is everything” and research certainly demonstrates that it takes less than a second to form a lasting impression of a stranger. It is also true that for more than 20 years we have been taking great care of the image and brand identity of our clients – ensuring that their messages are received worldwide in the way they were intended at source.

For these reasons our own image and brand identity are certainly important to us – so when it came to rebranding our own company we had to be sure it was for the right reasons and that the new brand remained true to LanguageFlow’s identity and really said something about us as we are today.

Why we felt it was time to rebrand

1.         Websites have changed

            We wanted to make our website more accessible and optimise it for modern technology so that you can access information about LanguageFlow just as easily on your mobile phone or tablet as on your desktop computer. It was time for a revamp.

2.         We have changed

            Whilst our commitment to quality, meeting deadlines and competitive pricing has never altered, over the past 20 years we as a company have evolved to meet the changing needs of our clients and our staff.

        • Since Paul Hutchings and Philip Buckley founded LanguageFlow in 1993, marrying together Paul’s experience in a traditional design studio and Philip’s ability to make the most of the new computer technology, the focus has shifted from typesetting mainly financial and legal documents with a niche experience in multilingual publications for one client, to specialising in multilingual design, translation and layout of absolutely anything – whether it be a printed publication or digital media.
        • Our processes have evolved to meet the demands of our core specialism – we have developed working practices specifically to address the issues encountered in multilingual projects. We have also written our own unique LanguageFlow software to automate many of the repetitive tasks involved in multilingual typesetting.
        • We have relocated – whilst in the early years it was necessary to have an office in central London, developments in the internet and supporting technologies mean that we can offer the same quality service from anywhere.  With our head office in Westerham and a representative office in the Midlands we can now reach you in person – wherever in the UK you are based.

Our approach to rebranding

Having taken the decision that a new look was needed we turned to our clients and our staff in order to find it.

We know – because they tell us – that our clients value our commitment to deadlines, our innovation and flexibility, our expertise, our quality service, our competitive pricing and the fact that we are approachable and really listen to their needs – tailoring our services for each and every project.

In turn our staff say that strong relationships with clients are all important to them and that they love it when clients say they can trust us and consider us an extension to their in-house marketing teams.

These are the things, therefore, that we adopted as our philosophy and our core values, and made integral to our new brand image – and, we hope, incorporated into our new website too. 

So, Mr Agassi, we believe that whilst image is important it is all those things which support that image which are, in fact, everything. 

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